PPG and Patient Update
December 2020

This year the NHS has faced its biggest challenge yet. Coronavirus has led to a number of changes to our lives, homes and communities and has required an exceptional response not only from the practices within our Primary Care Network, but from our NHS colleagues up and down the country.

Thank you for the fantastic community spirit during these challenging times and for your understanding during the various changes we have had to make in practice and to our services. Our practices still remain open and we encourage you to contact your GP if you have any concerns.

As we enter into the festive period, we would like to take this time to reflect and celebrate the progress and achievements that we have made this year.

And Lastly,
We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. 

Looking after you during this festive period

We want to reassure you that help is at hand, should you become unwell during the Christmas and New Year period. Remember that your practices opening hours may be limited until after New Year. 

If your GP practice is closed and you require – 

  • Non-urgent care – you are advised to call NHS 111, or online via www.111.nhs.uk 
  • Urgent, emergency care – Visit A&E or call 999 
    In order to ensure NHS delivers an effective service for all, visits to A&E or calls to 999 should only occur when there is a major, life threatening illness or injury. 

Tips on dealing with common illness, such as coughs and colds this winter:

  • Making sure your medication cupboard is well stocked with essentials such as pain relief, cough medicine and oral hygiene packets. And make sure everything is in date! 
  • Ensure you have sufficient prescribed medication to cover you over the Christmas period. 
  • Your local pharmacies can advise on which over-the-counter remedies can help you with your symptoms 

Despite our attention being largely drawn to the pandemic over the recent months, our team at Chester Central Primary Care Network have continues to develop and improve services to further support our patients and local population. 

New Roles and Services 

Social Prescribing link worker
Joseph McGoldrick joined our team in March 2020.

People’s health can be affected by a wide range of social, economic and environmental factors so Joe supports people with a wide range of social, emotional and practical needs with the aim of improving their well-being. 


Clinical Pharmacist 

Jas Malhi joined our team in March 2020.

Clinical pharmacists are responsible for the care management of those patients with chronic diseases and those on multiple medications. Jas proactively undertakes medication reviews to ensure each patient is receiving the highest quality of care.


Lindsay Ashton joined our team in September 2020. 

Lindsay has extensive expertise in assessing, diagnosing and managing musculoskeletal pain (MSK) and can provide support in managing both short and long term conditions. 



Susan Gallagher joined our team in December 2020. 

Dietitians can provide specialist nutrition and diet advice to patients of all ages through treatments and education plans and prescriptions. A dietitian can also educate patients with diet-related disorders on how they can improve their health and prevent disease 


Low level mental health service 

We recognise the growing pressures around mental health and in order to address this and improve the level of care and mental health outcomes for our patients, we have introduced an additional service.

This holistic service is facilitated by Health Box CIC, with one-to-one counselling at its core and signposting to a range of appropriate community services. 

New Website 

In June 2020, we launched our new website for the Primary Care Network.
We wish to use this platform to communicate with you on our join working initiatives and to promote health and wellbeing within our community.

As a platform aimed at both our patients and staff, we want to ensure that we make a conscious effort to improve our site to meet your needs. We welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback.